Brilliant Social Media manage 2 of the top 3 Facebook pages in the UK for food/beverage. Not a bad stat for us to end the year on! 

As a specialist social media agency for the food and drink sector you’d expect our clients to be up there, but still, that’s pretty impressive for any agency considering the competition in this sector…think Waitrose, Chewits, Smint, Haribo, Burger King, 5 Guys etc.

Anyway the purpose of this post is not to sing our own praises (well, maybe just a little), it’s to share why this is a big deal. We work with challenger brands, brands with big potential, those that understand the value of great social media and are willing to invest. We create content that isn’t obvious, it’s creative, it’s based on strategy, it gets measurable results and makes a real impact on our clients businesses.

As a rule of thumb we tend not to share blogs and recycle content, we design our own graphics, handle photography in-house, design campaigns ideas, write interesting copy which is always specific and in a brand’s individual tone of voice, and, most importantly we respect our clients’ audiences, we don’t patronise them and we always treat them as individuals.

Social media when done right can be a platform where you can stand side by side with the big boys. Just consider who has the bigger ad budget, Waitrose or Gordon Rhodes, Beanies or Burger King? We may not reach as many people as these giants but we certainly engage with the ones we do in a deeper, more meaningful way, and the outcome of that, well quite simply is loyal, happy and profitable customers.

We regularly benchmark our clients performance using an industry standard third party software called Likealyzer, built by a company called Meltwater. It’s a free, simple and accurate way to measure our clients and their competitors Facebook page performance against a set of criteria. The site produces a total page score calculated from the several metrics alongside some general suggestions on ways to improve your page. We don’t base our strategies on increasing the numbers in these reports, it’s simply just as a quick snapshot and benchmark of a Facebook pages’ performance against the competition within its sector.

So if you’d like a taste of what it’s like to be a Brilliant Social customer and want your brand to be up there competing with the household names then get in touch.