Coronas Interlocking Cans:

Mexican beer brand Corona has found an ingenious way to carry a bundle of its cans together, without the need of using more plastic. Typically, multipack cans are packaged together and sold using either single use plastic rings or cardboard. Although huge efforts are made to recycle cardboard, it’s this single-use plastic that’s having catastrophic effects on our wildlife and proving a threat to birds and sea animals.

By redesigning their beer cans and creating screw threads located at the top and bottom (during production), Corona is able to evolve and enhance the product packaging and send it to market without using ANY single-use plastic. This stacking method allows the consumer to simply pick up the cans – whether that’s one, two, four or six, lock them together, and carry the cans as a tube – a genius innovation!

Corona estimates that the beverage industry uses more than 17 million tons of plastic each year, a figure that would be drastically reduced by this plastic-free method.

What’s more, Corona hopes other manufacturers will also use this interlocking method, and as such will not file for a patent. This means the design can be freely used by anyone.