Whether you work in the marketing industry or not, you may have recently seen an increase in simple, to the point advertising – coined, ‘honest & transparent ads’. The likes of Brewdog, Oasis and Oatly to name but a few.

These brands, claiming to wear their heart on their sleeve and position themselves as ‘purpose-driven’, will certainly be saving both design time and production costs, but just how effective is it, really?

We all know that the aim of marketing & advertising is to subsequently increase brand awareness, which will hopefully convert into sales. Some of the aforementioned FMCG brands have adopted a simplistic and, what seems like, the tongue-in-cheek mentality to their brand advertising.

They clearly get noticed and talked about – “job’s done” the brand manager might say, and if they did hit their projected sales targets, will we actually ever see another Oasis drinks advert again?


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O Drink up. #HottestDayOfTheYear #ORefreshingStuff

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Brands have a real challenge on their hands trying to cut through the noise, both offline and online. Perhaps these ‘no ads’ get people talking, or does it just get people who work in the advertising space talking?

In my honest opinion, the world needs better ads, not no ads. These examples are part of the demise of what we class as brilliant storytelling – known as advertising.

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