In an age where we can’t remember if we’re supposed to eat eggs or not, whether avocado is actually good for us and what on earth de-mono-un-poly-saturated is supposed to mean, keeping it simple is the easiest option. That’s where Good Grain comes in. It’s 100% puffed Wheat and absolutely nothing else (check the ingredients on the box, that’s literally the only thing in there). But that doesn’t mean bland and boring. Good Grain is the healthiest option on the cereal aisle, but what you do with it is up to you.

We’re making simple sexy and bringing back balance with Good Grain. No more well-nista, 100% healthy, raw, paleo, freegan, Victoria’s Secret model diets. We’re having a green juice now and enjoying pancakes later, thanks very much. If we’re making watermelon pizza, you know we’ve just polished off a Margarita. Eat well if you want, we won’t judge either way, we’ll just be holding up our Mimosas to cheers to the weekend…

This is a ‘Girl Boss Millennial’ approach to breakfast, with both achievable and aesthetic recipes, relatable content and an approach that doesn’t take like as seriously.

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