New Netflix series Abstract shows the creative processes and inner workings of eight masters of design…

In our office this week we’ve been loving the new Netflix series Abstract!

The eight episode documentary collective delves into the role of design in the world we inhabit today. It’s everywhere — from the streets we walk, to the books we read, to the brands that feel like home… Everything has been crafted for our consumption; it all bears the paint-stroke of design.

In Abstract, we meet eight of the most creative and imaginative minds working in this field — zeitgeist pushing, problem solving, immensely talented masters of their craft…

There’s interior designer Ilse Crawford, who revolutionised the way we think about the way we inhabit space with her book ‘Sensual Home’. She’s the brains behind the aesthetic of the Aesop Shop, Soho House New York, and more.

Paula Scher, the graphic designer responsible for iconic album covers like Boston’s Boston, and many facets of the New York cityscape (from the Public theatre, to parks and more… What has she not designed?) explains to us the importance of typography.

Christoph Niemann, a famous illustrator with multiple New Yorker covers under his belt, talks us through the transition of his art into a VR-led future.

We meet Platon, the Greek photographer who uses a minimalist style to capture the raw spirit of his subjects including the likes of Bill Clinton, Obama, and Gaddaffi (pictured below). 


Then there’s Tinker Hatfield, the designer behind the world-famous Nike Air Jordans, and automotive genius Ralph GillesEs Devlin the stage designer who’s crafted the live shows of  the likes of Kanye West, Adele and Beyonce, also appears, along with Copenhagen native much-celebrated architect Bjarke Ingels who’s redesigned affordable housing making it stylish, economical and ecological.

It’s a must-watch for any creative in need of a little inspiration!

Watch the trailer here: