This week Brilliant turned six. A small age for a company but a mature one in the world of social media who’s own lifespan is only a few years more senior.

What can I say, it’s been a journey! Time flies.

In 2011 I had an idea to start a Twitter training business, I called it Social Media Classes and embarked on a mission to train the social media un-savvy in the fine (and relatively new) art of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (Instagram had only launched a few months earlier and would only make it onto Android in 2012).

As I shuffled my way around the Leeds networking scene, under the grand title of ‘social media wizz’, I remember people would always ask what my background was in, how does one actually ‘get into social media’?

The simple answer is that it was borne from a love of the written word and a passion for language mixed in with 3 years in my previous business where our zero marketing budget had pushed me to use Facebook and Twitter to drive sales (which we did to the point of winning 40% of new business through the platforms).

I wasn’t sure what I was building, but I knew I wanted to make social media accessible to people who felt they were a hopeless case and help businesses to do what I had done, and use it commercially in what was generally thought of as a personal space. From the beginning I understood that language, tone of voice and building genuine relationships was key to driving sales… not just hammering marketing messages, hashtags and links. 

Because Brilliant came about in this way it meant that as a business we came without the jargon, the marketing babble and acronyms, instead we came with a love of the written word and an ability to translate someone’s passion for their product into a powerful social media presence. Still to this day we have this as a core proposition, if you work with Brilliant we’ll speak to you in plain English, we’ll do what we believe is right and we’ll create content that’s creative, drives engagement and has personality.

I’m proud of the company that we’ve built, I’m proud of our team, of the results we’ve achieved and the clients that have put their trust in us and what we do.

We’re not at our final destination yet, and every day that we grow, new surprises and challenges make us rethink where we’re headed. Matching the frenetic speed that social media changes is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of running Brilliant and something both myself and our entire team thrive on.

We were one of the first and we plan to be one of the last.