With the cold nights approaching you’ll soon be on your sofa wrapped up scrolling through your social feeds and downloading apps… How exciting. But do you really want to be scrolling through the same pictures and content you’ve been looking at for the past year?

Below I’m going to pick out some so called ‘Hidden Gems’ that you should be following just so you’ve got some fresh content for this winter! You’re welcome.

If you’re bored of your Instagram feed and feel it’s a little dull then here are two accounts that are bound to add a little colour back into your life! 

(@thecolorshift & @paulfuentes_design)

Both of the above accounts have wacky feeds that shouldn’t work but really do! Feeds that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face on even the grimmest British day!

Busy at work? Stressed doing house work? Or just generally need a five minute break… This is the Twitter feed for you.

@tinycarebot is exactly what it sound like… A little bot that cares. To explain it in one sentence, it’s a Twitter account that tweets daily reminders to ‘look outside’ or ‘take a few deep breaths’ etc… Which is actually pretty nice when your stressing out that you haven’t got the latest teeth whitening kit or pair of Yeezys you saw in the post above…

If you’re looking for a different foodie account to get your daily dosage of yummy content? Take a look at @mrholmesbakehouse, Instagram. It’s pretty special.

They’re the best at using UGC (user generated content) They manage to blend this in their feed so well, helping create what I can only describe as – AWESOME!

Maybe I’m wrong and you’re not sat on your sofa scrolling through your boring feed? Maybe you’re about to jet off for a sunny winter? If so, Fllike is the app for you.

Fllike is a free and beautifully simple app that enables you to score and share your in-flight experience.

You simply use their unique sliders to quickly and simply score your flight. Browse your feed of flight scores from travellers around the world, search for the highest rated flights and see which airlines have the highest score. Flying has never been so likeable! http://www.fllike.com/ | @fllikeapp 

Maybe you’re stuck for gift ideas this festive season? Well this next app is perfect for you!

Bloom & Wild is a flower team that are putting the fun back into flower gifting by designing exciting, on-trend bouquets of fresh flowers that are simple to send and even easier to receive. They’ve transformed a traditional gesture, the giving of fresh flowers. You can now be sure your flowers will be delivered through the door the very next day… Yep, even through the letter box. www.bloomandwild.com | @bloomandwild 

If you’ve got any social feeds or Apps you deem an essential that could possibly brighten up our feeds or devices then please let us know and we’ll be sure to give them a go.