Design helps us navigate and understand the world around us. Trends ground us in a specific time period.

The knowledge of how styles, colour palettes, layouts and themes change and evolve year after year ensures that the presented design and content remains fresh and impactful to the target audience. These are the comprehensive design trends for 2020 that are going to be employed to represent and promote brands across numerous social, print and digital platforms over the next 12 months.

  1. Three-Dimensional Typographic Design
  2. Isometric Illustrations
  3. Asymmetrical Page Layouts
  4. Open Compositions
  5. Bold Serifs
  6. Duotones and Gradients
  7. Art Deco Influences
  8. Intricate and Fine Illustrations
  9. Warmer colour palettes for Photography

Having the knowledge of these trends within graphic design going forward into the year will ensure your brand cuts through the competition across all applicable media. The creation and implementation of these graphic trends in your own style and tone can bring a revitalised aesthetic to your offerings.