May 29, 2019

A brilliant new look!

After eight years in business and to support our development and growth we’ve got a fresh new look, a new website and a new streamlined name – goodbye ‘social media’ – we’re now simply known as ‘Brilliant’. This past year…
May 20, 2019

On second glance…

A brand’s visual identity is the outward facing recognisable aesthetic that a consumer directly relates to and interacts with. An impactful and appropriate branded logo is an easily identifiable tool that should succinctly and effectively communicate the core message of…
May 2, 2019

Facebook announces new features

Facebook’s annual F8 conference brought about several proposed changes to the social media app’s interface, along with the rest of its family of apps, including; WhatsApp, Instagram and messenger. What’s on the horizon? Instagram’s trying to tackle the fight with…
March 28, 2019

The Power of Story-selling

Great brands tell great stories. It’s this unique ability to communicate their ‘why’ that forms the foundation to their success and longevity. In today’s consumer driven society, customer loyalty leaves a lot to be desired. One minute we’re shopping at…