March 17, 2020

Our sustainability pledge – power to the planet!

At Brilliant, we’re committed to improving our sustainability efforts and reducing our carbon footprint with a 6-point sustainability plan. Here’s why... We’ve all seen the shocking statistics*, freakish weather and heart-breaking documentaries. Ignorance around climate change is not an option.…
February 28, 2020

Food Styling It Out | Part 2

At Brilliant, we like to convey authentic cooking in our food photography that is also achievable in the consumers’ kitchen. We want the viewer to take inspiration from our photography and think to themselves ‘wow, that looks incredible, I need…
February 19, 2020

Brand Values of 2020

As we enter a year where ‘counter consumerism’ is becoming more prevalent, with consumers becoming even more sustainably savvy and plastic privy than before, what does this mean for agencies working with food brands going forwards in 2020? Whilst being…