For months and months, the Eastgate area of Leeds has been overcome with the sound of construction. At the bottom of Kirkgate Market, there’s been a sea of men in high-vis jackets eating bacon butties for their lunch for what feels like years. But finally, the development is done. Tomorrow, the gates will open, and in the shoppers will walk.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek tour of the new Victoria Gate and the Northern flagship John Lewis! One thing’s for sure, it’s an Instagram dream…


The big open windows allow for natural light to flood the architecture, which illuminates the visually stunning floor and walls.


We walked into John Lewis, and straight to the technology section! They have Amazon Echo integrated into the shop, so customers have a play with the new technology which allows for people to add shopping items to their wishlist by just uttering the words… Futuristic, or what.


The visual merchandising in John Lewis is what captures the imagination. There’s a wall made out of high heels, huge butterflies, creative giant pencil sharpenings, and more. Look up, and you won’t be disappointed.



Bedroom goals…


A selfie wall!


Christmas has come early!

1112What do you think? Are you excited for it to open?