The Life and Times of Rosso the Elephant

Meet Rosso our office elephant… we thought you should probably know a little bit more about him, seeing as it is World Elephant Day and what not!

50) He once lived with Marlon Brando on Mulholland Drive
49) He has size 14 feet
48) He once sailed down the Orinoco
47) He is a former TV presenter
46) His favourite sweets are strawberry laces
45) He has a three brothers; Blue, Pink and Green. None of them speak!
44) He currently has caught 64 out of 151 Pokémon
43) His favourite ice cream is Northern Bloc

42) He gives great hugs.

41) He has turned down requests to be on Big Brother… every season!
40) He is allergic to Peanuts
39) He had trials for Leeds Utd.
38) His middle name is Greg
37) He had curly hair before going bald
36) He was best friends with Mike Tyson’s tiger
35) His favourite cocktail is the Pornstar Martini
34) He has attended 732 Spelling Bees
33) His favourite curry is the Jalfrezi. Lamb obviously
32) He invented the Cronut
31) He once came second in a @JoeyEssex_ look-a-like competition.

Uncanny, right?

30) His soft spot is just behind his left ear.
29) He once spent in a night in the cells. No one knows why?
28) He shares his birthday with @kevinbacon
27) His last name is Smithjonesjohnson
26) He eats 10 @CrackinEggCo eggs a day
25) He was featured on The Simpsons
24) 162 million people have Rosso tattoos after “finding themselves” in Thailand
23) He dips his @McDonaldsUK chips in his Strawberry Milkshake
22) He often keeps in touch with his cousin, Tantor
21) He once got his trunk pierced and instantly regretted it
20) His favourite actress is Meryl Streep
19) His favourite superhero is Ant-Man
18) He was responsible for jelly in a pouch! @fruitypotfamily
17) His favourite beer is Heart & Soul…

16) He claims to have written the original composition of Tiny Dancer
15) He’s currently on Tinder *Go find him*
14) He once broke the internet with a naked #selfie.
13) He owns a swimwear brand… called Trunks!
12) He often carries an umbrella as one should always be prepared!
11) He once attended the Chelsea Flower Show courtesy of Alan Titchmarsh
10) His favourite colour is Taupe
9) Céline Dion is his favourite singer
8) His favourite place in Yorkshire is @bolton_abbey
7) He once went for a job interview at the @BBC and ended up on TV
6) He had a No. 1 hit in Mexico later revealed to have been plagiarised from Milli Vanilli
5) You will see him shortly on @BBC_TopGear
4) He invented @Beanies_Flavour Cookie Dough, despite what Head Bean says!
3) He was fired from National Treasure with Nicholas Cage after removing Mr Cage’s hair piece – mid scene.
2) He’s particularly fond of Session Fries from @Belgrave_Leeds

And finally…

  1. He’s lived with Brilliant since 2015 after we rescued him from a Plastic Jungle!