Imagine seeing behind the scenes on a shoot with your favourite model? Or following the training and off-duty life of a professional rugby player? Maybe even a day in the life of one of the UK’s top barbers? Well, that’s exactly what we did for our client Electric Ink through Instagram Takeovers.

After working with Electric Ink for around 8 months we’ve found that Instagram is really its strongest platform – with its aesthetic style that’s not hard to understand. We wanted to bring a real level of authenticity to the feed and give the fans a reason to be following the page – why would they just want to see a product with a swipe up link? Would you purchase something if that’s how it was presented? Didn’t think so. 

We’ve currently done four takeovers to date – 

1 Luka

2 Jo 

3 Ash

4 Alysha

You might be wondering what two models, a professional rugby player and an amazing barber have to do with Electric Ink? Each of these four people sit in different areas which helps resonate with the different fans we have following Electric Ink.

The brand wants to bridge the tattoo lifestyle with beauty and combine it along with fashion. That’s why we’ve used fashion forward folk with incredible ink who don’t just sit in a tattoo parlour all day. People like to follow models for behind the scenes shoots, new clothing lines and upcoming brands. Barbers for their new hair styles, hair products and general chit chat and last but not least following a sports player is a great way to see into their life, training, and other team players.

Each one takes control from the morning, so they’ll get up have a coffee and explain their day ahead. They then may go use the product which really helps show it in a ‘real life’ situation instead of just a picture where they may slam a code on it for discount – yawn! After that they mostly get on with whatever their profession is, and that’s where the real interest and authenticity lies for Electric Ink, and more importantly, for their fans.

Instagram takeovers are awesome and we thoroughly encourage more brands to go out there, find people that resinate with their audience and use this feature. Hypothetically speaking Nike launch a new pair of boots, why not get Ronaldo, Pogo or Neymar to takeover and do a day at training in the new boots? Unwrapping them in the changing room, warming up in them, kick ups, cross bar challenge and then sign them and do a giveaway at the end of the takeover? I’d watch that – wouldn’t you? *You can that one for free Nike. 

If you haven’t watched one yet – what’re you waiting for! We’ve highlighted each takeover on Electric Ink’s feed at the top. It’ll be under their name so go feel free to watch and let us know your thoughts! Click here to go check them out – Electricinkskin