When we signed the Honey Monster as a client we were then tasked with the monstrous task of creating an Instagram feed that stood out, captured the users attention and really portrayed the Honey Monster’s sense of fun.

So after a few ideas were developed (over a bowl or 5) we finally narrowed it down to a final plan. This idea came from the people who used to buy Honey Monster Puffs when they were known as Sugar Puffs, the people who used to enjoy the games, facts and jokes on the back of the cereal box. We thought, how can we bring this onto social? So that’s when we came up with using the grid as a never ending fun themed feed. 

This is a great way of showcasing the Honey Monster graphics style whilst curating a story on the Instagram feed and really showcasing national days or important dates in the year such as, Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc… 

The next step after developing this idea was how to put it into play. The first step is the initial sketch of a grid of 9 Instagram posts. We do this to create a block of content that feels and looks continuous and natural. This sketch contains ideas, national days, product launches and key messages which the team or brand may want to highlight that day etc. Once the sketch has a finalised design and colour scheme it is then ready for the photography to take place. 

As you may or may not know (we don’t know if you spend as much time photographing various bowls and whatnot as we do!) but it’s hard to photograph a bunch of items at different sizes on the same coloured background and still maintain the best quality possible, so this was a stumbling block. To get around this obstacle we decided to green screen the items. This would mean we can still capture the highest quality image and also manage to get a variety of items looking consistent. 

This also then adds another step to the process; the final image editing and grid finalisation done by the design team here at Brilliant. They have to scale all the final items up or down, and colour the right areas in. 

We’re pretty proud of this Instagram feed – even if we do say so ourselves – and what makes it even more rewarding is that fact that it’s a real team effort!