When Goodfella’s approached us about running a campaign for their on pack promotion with Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, we only had one question: “How many tickets can you get us?”

To save you reading until the end to find out the answer, it was enough tickets for the whole team (with Fast Track included)!

Our aim – other than riding rollercoasters until we felt a little bit sick – was to showcase and raise awareness of the Goodfella’s, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park  2-4-1 tickets, as well as the Limited Edition pizza with a prize to win an overnight stay at either theme park, and to further communicate Goodfella’s core values.

The concept would showcase the complete customer journey; from purchase to spending a day at the park all through POV footage.

Day One

Starting at 4am with a car full of cameras and other equipment it was time for myself, Will and Chris to set off for our Health & Safety briefing at Alton Towers. I’m not going to go into all the technicalities of a shoot like this; you’ll find all that in Will’s follow up blog.

Upon arriving at the park, we were greeted by our soon-to-be Tour Guide, Melissa, who not only showed us around all day but also got us to the front of every ride – much to the annoyance of a few other visitors to the park, but to our delight!

Strapped with go-pros (signed off by the park, sadly everyday visitors can’t shoot footage on the coasters), we went on every ride twice, and walked around the whole park to capture as much of a typical day there as possible. After a 17 hour day including a 96.9 mile drive, a 6.9mile walk, one ice cream, and a burger and fries, we’d captured everything we needed.

How else would you celebrate the end of Day One? By sitting in a giant chair of course (celebratory beer not pictured)!

Lights out. Night, night…

Day Two

The rest of the Brilliant team arrived! Insert obligatory Boomerang here.

I’ll be honest Day Two was as big of a blur as Day One, sans cameras. I think it’s safe to say Lucinda enjoyed herself though.

Jodie, perhaps not so much.

Our final footage will be featured in Will’s blog, soon to follow!