Two years in the making, four flavours later and the best (vegan) ice cream you’ve ever tasted… That sounds like a good enough reason to throw a party to us. Our ice cream client, Northern Bloc have worked tirelessly to create a vegan version of their ice cream and the hard work paid off. It was about time for a #BlocParty.

With a guest list full of foodies, influencers and super fans and teaming up with Temple, we were set for a great night. Our videography team were set-up in a side room, waiting to capture the reactions of guests when we revealed the ice cream was vegan (we may have missed out that small detail on the invites…).

Once people started to arrive, we whisked them into the side room to sample the flavours for the first time. We heard on repeat how amazing the flavours were (no surprise there) and how creamy the texture was. Then we let slip about the ingredients and kept rolling. The reaction was the same across the board: ‘How could this be vegan?’.

Our videographer Will headed out to capture the attendees obsessing over the NBºC x Temple donut ice cream sandwiches, and enjoying cocktails from the mixologists from the Maven plus beer from our client Vocation. With a speech from co-founder Josh Lee and a few more rounds of drinks to finish off the night, we’d say it was a definite success.

We pride ourselves in working with clients who we love and Northern Bloc is no exception. Our Brilliant team came along to support Northern Bloc. We brought along clients like Indie Bay and Electric Ink to feature in the goodie bags and the Vocation beer was out for everyone to try. We had Instagram stories going live all night for the clients and on our own Instagram too (find us @brilliantsocial).