When we heard that GymKing were having a location shoot in our home town of Leeds with a selection of tattooed models, we thought – how can we get there for Electric Ink? How can we get these models using our products on the shoot?

After reaching out and contacting them and explaining what we wanted to achieve by attending the shoot – we got the go-ahead! This shows how crucial social is, it really helps approach someone in a laid back and non-formal way so that you can make crucial connections.

On arrival at the shoot the photographer was doing some flatlays of the clothing, meaning we’d arrived at the perfect time to brief the models on who we were, what we’re about and explain the product. This was also the perfect opportunity to get some behind-the-scenes snaps.

Once the models were repping Electric Ink and their ink was popping, it was time for them to get in front of the lens. This is where we could really capture some footage for the Electric Ink story… 
Towards the end of the shoot we managed to get some product in the models’ hands and here are the results.

Attending an event where you can show your audience something they wouldn’t be able to do themselves it suddenly hooks them – they want to see more, what life’s like behind the lens, what do people like that get up to? It’s crucial for any brand to give their audience this kind of content – fingers crossed our clients will be doing this a lot more through 2018!