Make no bones about it…our tails are wagging to be working with Bear Bones Dog Treats. 

This product is truly unique and we can’t wait to introduce it to you! Believe it or not, the story begins in the rocky Pyrenees mountains at a family run brewery named “La Brasserie de l’Ours” which translates to The Bear Brewery. It was here where the chief food testers (the dogs!) would lap up the surplus grain leftover from the brewing sessions. It clearly tasted delicious and so the Bear Bones idea was born.

Handmade and handcrafted from freshly used grain, unlike most dog treats, Bear Bones contain no artificial colours, flavours, meat products, dairy or lactose! High in proteins and low in sugars, these bad boys are loaded with a mix of freshly used grain and simple cupboard ingredients, from apple puree, flour, coconut oil and honey. Oh, and we saved the best bit for last.

Bear Bones have said ‘au revoir’ to the snow-capped mountains and ‘ey-up’ to the brewers at Dark Horse Brewery in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales!

They really are good to the bone! We can’t wait to share their story to 1000’s of dog lovers alike! Be sure to stop by their social channels and treat your furry friends.


Instragram: @bearbonesdogtreats