At Brilliant, we work hard, that’s a given. When our accounts teams aren’t wrangling with Facebook advertising or copywriting, and our design teams aren’t bringing briefs to life with seamless grace, we’re all delving deep into our creative souls to create brand new campaigns for our clients, and dealing with all of the other things that pop up in a standard day at a creative agency.

All of this means that we need to be on top form every single day. If the body, or the brain isn’t at 100% then everything after suffers, and before you know it you have a burnout agency, so we prioritise wellbeing and finding balance.

At Brilliant there are a number of initiatives in place to help us keep that elusive sense of balance. It’s a composite recipe that we’re working on every single day. We can feel you wondering what these initiatives we’re hinting at are, so we won’t keep you in suspense any longer, here’s our recipe, we’d love to know what you think.

A solid base of everyday brilliance

Let’s start with the endless supply of good quality coffee that is the lifeblood of pretty much every agency. We also keep Yorkshire’s finest tea in house as well as a selection of green and herbal teas for anyone not craving caffeine.

Then, we have fresh fruit delivered every week, so that snacking doesn’t just mean crisps or chocolate all day every day. We’re not saying that there isn’t the occasional packet of crisps or sweets flying around, but it’s nice to have an alternative.

Add a hefty dash of nutrients

Packing a healthy lunch every day was on many of our team’s resolution lists this year, and we’re doing okay! But a helping hand is always welcome, which is where Lean Lunch comes in. Having fresh and freshly prepared, healthy and balanced meals every day is as simple as placing an order online from a wide and ever-changing menu two days in advance, and voilà, your healthy lunch is here!

Sprinkle in a bit more movement

We spend hours and hours each day sat behind desks, which is simply unavoidable when you work in digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for us! Small injections of exercise and movement inspiration can have a lasting impact, so we’re now visiting Colin at Sudden Movements once a month. He’s helping us get back to that love and freedom of movement we have as children.

Add a lot more sleep

Young man reading a book lying on soft mattress in relaxing bed at terrace with green nature view. Fresh air in the morning of weekend or free day. Relax or education background idea. Selective focus.

Movement is only part of the equation, and sleep is another crucial part, so we brought in someone to help — Joel from Better Than Yesterday. Joel has the kinds of days that we can only dream of, and it all starts with a good night’s sleep! Joel came in and scared us senseless about the amount of sleep we’ve been getting (or lack thereof), and gave us some amazing guidance on how to get a few more hours of sleep each week. This included learning about our natural sleep cycles and how we can work with them rather than against them. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we’re already noticing progress, and the team is a little brighter in the mornings too. Joel will be joining us each quarter to help improve another area of our wellbeing, but we already have plenty to work on!

p.s. If you haven’t read Steph’s blog on our first session with Joel yet, then that should be next on your to read list.

Finish off with a sprinkle of intuitive planning

Now with all the knowledge and learning of everything we’ve done so far, we’re implementing something new, and we can’t wait to get started. We know that not every person is a morning person (and that’s not us just being lazy) who thrives at 9am and not every person is still full of beans at 6pm. Having upped our levels of movement, improved our diets and learned a bit about our natural circadian rhythms, we’re figuring out how to bring it all together, and that has led us to staggered start times. This doesn’t mean coming and going whenever we please, but instead taking everything we’ve learned, and using it to optimise our work.

That’s what it’s all about after all.

To find out more about our Brilliant team, and our Brilliant work, get in touch.