Some 46 miles from Leeds is the idyllic country town of Thirsk. Just outside of Thirsk is nothing but rolling fields and farms, cut only by the tracks of the East Coast Trainline. Among those many fields and farms sits the HQ and Home of Shepherds Purse Cheese and its founder, Judy Bell.

It is here in which our story takes place…

Shepherds Purse HQ

I was here for a tour and a catch up with our client, Shepherds Purse Cheese.

For someone who’s allergic to Penicillin it was quiet daunting to be taking a tour, but I survived and even got to double dip some cheese in the wax bath!

Like a boss…

For those of you that don’t know Shepherds Purse are produces of some of the UK’s and perhaps World’s finest artisan cheeses. Search Yorkshire Blue, Yorkshire Fettle and Bluemin White on Google and chances are it’ll be their cheese that comes up. They own those names.

Started in 80’s by Judy Bell, the company is now run by daughters, Caroline and Katy. The Bells are fifth generation farmers and now second generation cheese makers, so trust me when I say they know what they are doing.

It really is a family affair, with only around 30 members of staff so everyone knows each other.

So what makes Shepherds Purse cheeses so special?

  1. Every cheese is made by hand, the only part where a machine is used is to pierce the cheese to turn it blue.
  2. Their cheeses could only be made in that particular way in Yorkshire. Our magnificent weather plays a part in how the milk they use turns out.
  3. It’s a family affair (as I mentioned). There’s no major conglomerate behind it which makes it all the more special
  4. Try some and you’ll see why

More on Shepherds Purse on our next visit