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Growing a loyal and engaged following is important for any brand. Facebook and Instagram are great channels for advertising products, and by growing your following, you’re growing potential customers, too. It’s all part of the wider plan to support brands in gathering new listings and driving sales.

We ran a 6-month campaign for Baker Street to grow their following on Facebook and Instagram, and have seen huge success across both platforms. As of the end of April, we achieved our Facebook target, and proceeded to exceed the target by +36% during lockdown. 

A combination of tactical activity and targeted advertising enabled us to achieve this growth. Here’s how we did it…

Brand collaborations

We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing brands from Meridian to Breville, helping to drive brand awareness and follower growth for all the brands involved. Plus, everyone loves a good giveaway, right?

Increased community management

We increased community management, ramping up our communication with existing and potential followers. This proved its worth and provided a great opportunity to engage with the online community. We were able to get more insight on what fans were thinking and what they wanted, whilst gaining some useful feedback for future content across our channels.

Influencer campaign

We’ve worked with some incredible influencers over the last 6 months which has been great for driving brand awareness. It also allowed us to collate natural and aesthetically pleasing user-generated content which we repurposed on the Baker Street social channels.

Working with influencers also gave us the opportunity to promote specific products, as well as showing off the versatility of their products and inspire fans with great foodie recipes.

Nourishing Amy’s PJ & Jam on Rye Toast Stack

Following the success of our initial growth campaign for Baker Street, we’ve extended the strategy over the next 6-month campaign to continue building their audience across Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve set our sights even higher and are hoping to reach the upper-crust (pun intended) and smash those new targets!