The design was created to support a 3-month marketing campaign which capitalised on the high availability of Vocation’s core range, drive awareness and increase sales. Taking and expanding the branding of the Life & Death pack, we came up with this attention-grabbing Instagram grid.

The premise is derived from the themes of life and death and playing off the balance of these two opposing contrasts. The juxtaposing subjects of Good / Evil and Heaven / Hell have been referenced as well as a stylistic nod to Dante’s inferno. The scene journeys from the fiery depths of hell, with the cans in various states of suffering and persecution up through the mortal plane of existence (touching on the tales of Genesis) to the creation of life and abundance of joy in heaven.

The design harmoniously merges photography and illustration to create a campaign that prominently features and reinforces the brand in order to create awareness and mental availability.

Utilising the grid means we can create impactful designs that look one way on the outside and then become something else when you click into it. For example this post looks reveals a video hidden underneath and this one, looks plain on the outside but reveals a slider to show the Vocation range.












Grids are quite a big part of our work at Brilliant, you can see other examples over on Northern Bloc’s Instagram and American Cereal Club.   

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