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I don’t know about you, but my Instagram Story feed has been flooded with my friends telling me what Disney character they are, and what their 2020 is going be like through an AR filter… we really are in a new decade. Do you even have Instagram if you haven’t seen these viral Instagram filters?

In a nutshell, these viral Instagram filters have been created using Facebook’s Spark AR software. They’re fun, easy to use, and everyone’s doing them. The creator of the ‘Which Disney Are You?’ filter grew by over 670K followers on Instagram because of it!

We saw the perfect opportunity for Very Lazy to join in this viral fun. Because Very Lazy already have well-established characters that have personalities (the Very Lazy Clan), this was perfect! The only hurdle we had was the difficulty of building the filter itself without losing the momentum of the trend.

Luckily, we have a design team fit for royalty (Shane and Jonathon) so we mimicked a filter using stop-motion.

This cheeky looking fella here is Garlic, one of the Very Lazy Clan. We used the format of “My 2020 is going to be…”, but changed the adjectives to be relevant to Very Lazy, finishing on, of course…

The reactive content was met with great responses from the Very Lazy Instagram audience, whilst also reinforcing the brand’s tone of voice. It’s amusing, on-brand and on-trend.

We proceeded to do the same for the other seasonal pals, Ginger and Red Chilli, and changed the adjectives to be more relevant to their character traits.

These were seriously fun to create, and won’t be the last of the Very Lazy clan getting involved in viral trends.