We were approached by the Hedonist to develop an overarching 6-week campaign to promote the bar throughout the Christmas period. Placing emphasis on the quality of the drinks and knowledge that goes into developing the crafted menu and in particular, their East Coast of America campaign.

Evolving from their overarching strapline “In the pursuit of pleasure you can go anywhere in the world” we were briefed on how we could build on this message making and compelling prospective customers to visit the  Leeds bar.

The guys at Hedonist have developed a fictional character and brand mascot “Olivia” who has already taken the bar’s customer to Spain, and the next destination and visual cue for this campaign was the East Coast of America referencing Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York & Miami. Olivia will continue travelling the world and by bringing her into the campaign we can continue to build brand saliency and a sense of familiarity with the venue. 

Overall the aesthetic needed to feel contemporary with the current branding, whilst further exploring and developing the potential within the design. We employed honed graphics and photography to convey the Hedonist as a destination with the ability to indulge in escapism, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the sensory delights of America’s East Coast.

The graphic visuals took cues from an attuned juxtaposition of modern concrete (literally taken from the idea of a concrete jungle) and 1930’s Art Deco design, particularly the gold detailing which drew inspiration from iconic American buildings and their interiors such as the Chrysler Building. The asymmetric blocks again drew influence from urban landscapes with the harsh lines representing architectural detailing.

The design and content, which is now live, has been delivered to increase awareness of the bar and ultimately drive sales on the build-up to Christmas. This is supported by a fully managed advertising strategy to really cause an impact on Leeds’ social scene.