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Who’s spotted the latest Instagram update? Did you also wonder where have my likes/comments gone? Instagram has chosen to highlight the Shopping tab and Reels which they introduced earlier this year to rival TikTok.

Not far behind this update, is the introduction of Instagram Guides. Think of it as a mini-blog, allowing you to share Places, Products or Posts.

Your own posts with some running commentary, or sharing a selection of saved posts. For our clients in the Food and Drinks industry, this is actually a fairly nifty new update.

What can we use it for?

  • Sharing key products and our recommended recipes
  • Highlighting an influencer campaign and sharing their posts with commentary linking the campaign together seamlessly
  • Showcasing some tips and tricks

Have a look at this one we did for Baker Street highlighting their Large Sponge Flan Case, their baked and ready to decorate flan – all you need to do is decide which fillings and toppings to use to create your own showstopper.


What do you think to this new feature?