The Flexitarian diet is growing in popularity, with many meat eaters choosing to go part-time veggie for reasons ranging from personal health to the environment. With our clients we’ve also noticed a trend for any veggie or vegan content to outperform other non-veggie recipe content that we post. To the point where this has influenced future campaigns, core messaging and packaging design – to ensure their brand feels inclusive and aligned to target audience lifestyle trends.

The word “trend” might be a bit misleading. Research from YouGov suggests that Flexitarianism is only going to rise in popularity. One key finding in their recent White Paper, is that consumers feel the Flexitarian diet allows for experimentation, without the confines of any dietary restrictions, and that veggie and vegan cooks were revealed to be far more innovative with their dishes. With this in mind, we’ve collated the profiles of some of our favourite foodie influences, to help you smash that Flexitarian diet in innovative style!

London Paleo Girl

Tessa, of London Paleo Girl is an ambassador for health and wellbeing, as well as the Paleo diet, which she lives by pretty religiously. And for moral, health and environmental reasons, she does so without meat. Check out her feed for healthy recipes, workout inspiration and body positive pep talks.

The White Chestnut

Beli advocates for a fully vegan diet with her blog, The White Chestnut. And the things she can do without the aid of dairy or eggs are quite spectacular! You should follow her if you’re on the hunt for vegan recipes that are a welcome break to readily available, processed meat substitutes, or heavily relied upon options like halloumi or falafel. We worked with Beli on a campaign for Very Lazy Slow Cooking Paste Pots and she blew us away with Slow Cooked, Harissa Veggie Dumplings.

Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

Becca describes her blog as “simple vegetarian recipes for lazy people”. Perfect for anyone who wants to expand their vegetarian cooking repertoire, without breaking the bank or tasking themselves with anything too complicated or time consuming. Visit her feed for easy lunch recipes, one pot dinners and ultimate time savers.

Georgie Eats

Georgie Eats is the blog of student nutritionist and freelance recipe developer, Georgie. Her blog is great for healthy lunchtime meal prep inspiration – for those long days at the library – and vibrant, nutritious mid-week dinners. As her occupation(s) suggest, her recipes are interesting and full of the good stuff. Follow her on Instagram.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella has been going for a few years now and has become a household name in the health food industry. She has her own line of snacks, sold in national retail stores, as well as several books and most recently an app (which I would highly recommend downloading!) Ella switched to a plant-based diet for health reasons and through documenting her journey on her blog, she shot to fame. Follow her for healthy, nutritious recipes that don’t compromise on flavour.

Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen

Nadia is a recipe creator and videographer, as well as a training nutritional therapist, who shares mostly plant-based and gluten-free recipes. Her cooking is healthy and nutritious, and for those of you with a sweet tooth, there is a high proportion of desserts! Find her on the gram here.

Derek Sarno

Derek is one half of the mastermind duo Wicked Healthy, who are behind the exclusive to Tesco vegan range, Wicked Kitchen. A huge advocate for plant power, Derek does things with a mushroom like you’ve never seen before. He’s also on a mission to show that you don’t need processed meat substitutes to add a meaty texture to your meals. So much so, that I’d say he’s becoming a mushroom-pusher – if such a thing exists. Follow him and join the revolution.

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