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The first ‘screen-to-mouth’ cooking show airs on Facebook Live

We’ll excuse you from not knowing Redmart (Singapore’s premier online supermarket), they weren’t much on our radar, either. In any case, the Singaporean retailer has made headlines this week by launching a new Facebook Live cooking programme. So far, so normal. This particular social media broadcast, however, includes a competition which allows the winners to have servings of the food they’ve just watched being cooked, to be delivered to their door. ‘Eat this show’ is the very first ‘screen-to-mouth’ cooking programme. Ever.

You might be thinking, “does the world need, ‘screen-to-mouth’ cookery programming?” No. We certainly do not. But it is an impressive innovation.

The campaign aims to prove how fresh Redmart’s produce is and how quickly they can be delivered, so the idea to cook fresh dishes and send them immediately out to viewers makes perfect sense. The competition element encourages high levels of engagement, too – the show has had over 100,000 views and hundreds of comments. This is an example of a brand leveraging Facebook’s live feature to create a unique and extremely valuable experience for customers. Very well done Redmart. A world first, a nice campaign and a tip of the cap from us. Job done.

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Asda put further focus on no/low alcohol products

As we’re seeing a fall in alcohol consumption and people becoming more mindful of drinking, it’s not surprising that supermarkets are focusing on the no/low alcohol drinks sector. Apparently almost two-fifths of consumers are drinking more no/low alcohol drinks compared to just a year ago and 41% choose to drink no/low alcohol drinks as they are the designated driver, according to the MCA Pub Market Report 2019*.

Trying to stay ahead of the curve, Asda is now trialling new ‘No & Low Zone’ alcohol bays across some of its stores in the UK. They’ve begun to showcase these products in dedicated areas in stores, based on customer research showing the no and low products tend to be trickier to find. We’ll be keeping our eyes on this sector as it continues to drive growth in the beverage industry.  

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Amazon launches craft gin brand

The Independent craft spirits sector is proving to be extremely popular in the UK, with an ever-growing list of interesting flavour concoctions and the emergence of multiple independent sellers. Walking into a bar and ordering a ‘G&T’ and being given the only gin option behind the bar seems like a distant memory. 

It’s only natural that Amazon would grab this opportunity with both hands and get in on a bit of the action too! They’ve now launched their own premium gin brand – Tovess, retailing at £24.99 and is said to offer a “smooth, Mediterranean taste”. 

This is the most recent move from the tech giant to muscle in on the groceries sector. Amazon Fresh, it’s online groceries platform landed in London in 2016 and has steadily been increasing the catchment of London postcodes, whilst Amazon Go (Amazon’s brick and mortar offering) launched in the US last year. The move to produce its own food and beverage products is an indicator of how Amazon is taking it upon itself to increase its offering.

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