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When we created the 2020 plan for Very Lazy, we were fortunate to have already worked with them for a whole year and learnt so much. We were in an amazing place to reflect on our successes and what challenges and opportunities we faced, on this journey of growth.

We realised that since taking the reins of the Very Lazy social media platforms, we’d seen a huge impact on the following and engagement across platforms. With an increasingly loyal audience and verging on cult-like following from certain online foodie communities.

Through our tongue-in-cheek, accessible approach to tone of voice and community management, really awesome and inspiring recipes, and some pretty “punny”, relatable content, we were building a highly engaged community of healthy eating, fitness and healthy weight loss fans. These fans are regularly post about and interact with Very Lazy on social media – particularly on Instagram! And this is something we wanted to galvanise.

Very Lazy is the perfect product for people who want to prepare meals quickly and efficiently, whilst adding flavour to dishes that may otherwise be lacking. We wanted to create a targeted campaign that would talk directly to this audience, inspiring the fans and driving the conversation around cooking healthy delicious meals. The way we see it, whether you’re cooking for the family, yourself, as a couple or for pals, as long as you’re stocked up on Very Lazy Chopped Garlic, Chillies and Ginger, you’re onto a winner.

And so, we came up with our Very Healthy (The Lazy Way) campaign. Throughout January, February and March, we’re spreading positive, healthy lifestyle messages with the aim to encourage and support the Very Lazy fans to either start or boost their journey towards being the healthiest versions of themselves.

We’re showcasing just how easy it can be to cook up really flavourful, exciting meals that help you hit personal health goals, too. To activate this campaign, we have a full Content Marketing takeover of the Very Lazy social channels, as well as partnering up with the reimagined Weight Watchers on their Wellness Works initiative and working with a select few influencers and content creators.

As with our audiences who are on their own, meaningful, healthy living journeys, this is a really exciting journey for the Very Lazy brand. We’ve got some really exciting stuff in the pipeline, so check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels to join us in some seriously positive vibes and awesome partnerships (more to be announced soon!), over the next three months and beyond. We’ll be checking in again in March to share what we’ve learnt and how we’ve grown – so get yourself back over to the Brilliant blog then and bag yourself some Very insightful and not at all Lazy learnings.