One of our favourite clients, Very Lazy (who produce top-notch, essential cooking ingredients including a range of chopped and pasted chilli, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and the brand new green chilli products), approached us to create an awareness campaign across their social channels and PR. This was to position Very Lazy as a kitchen essential amongst the student demographics and millennial communities, focussing on the core range of chopped garlic and chillies from September to October.

Every year, a crop of new students pack their bags, move out of their family home and into the infamous student shared housing with people they’ve never met before. It’s a rite-of-passage for many, their first time fending for themselves and their first taste of ‘grown-up life’. Focussing on this target audience, we wanted to connect with them, support them with helpful tips & advice, and demonstrate that Very Lazy products should be essential amongst their university supplies – their Uni-ssentials! 

Across Very Lazy’s social channels, we wanted to create a range of helpful tips and what better way to do this than with the Very Lazy character clan? We have created some really fun and engaging content with these characters and they’ve been on hand to communicate (in their typically humorous and energetic tone) practical advice on how to be more inventive and resourceful in the kitchen. We also promoted the Very Lazy core range through stylised graphics and photography, with particular emphasis on the Chopped Garlic and Chopped Chillies. With this dynamic duo, the culinary possibilities are endless! 

We also took to the kitchen, creating tasty variations of recipes that are an innovative take on easy student meals. Elevating those classics such as; baked potatoes, beans on toast and Chilli Con Carne. We inspired the audience through this photography style, demonstrating that cheap and cheerful doesn’t have to necessarily mean plain and basic.

By the end of October, since launching the campaign in September, Very lazy had seen such a positive uplift in performance across their social media channels with a +182% reach on Facebook alone. During this time period, we reached over 1,700,000 people though their Facebook and Instagram pages, with an engagement rate increase of +244%. This shows the power of a great social media campaign, with well-designed graphics, mouth-watering photography and a catchy tag-line, Very Lazy has proved to students that they are the go-to cupboard essential!