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Pickles top the charts at the Fancy Food Show

Sweet, sour and crunch are making a comeback in the form of pickles – something we know all about, thanks to our client, Mrs Elswood! They were named the number one trend to watch at the Fancy Food Show in New York, with everything from pickled Okra to pickle shot hangover cures.

In other trends, Bone Broth is popping up as the star ingredient in sauces, Monk Fruit is set to be the new sugar alternative and it’s all about good food that gives back to the environment. Discover more of the food trends for 2019 here.


The newest story sticker encourages private chats on Instagram

Instagram has released a new function for Instagram stories in the form of a sticker that allows viewers to join a private direct message chat – straight from the story. The new addition seeks to capitalise on the growing trend of private sharing across most social media platforms. For brands, this tool could be perfect for initiating a stronger connection with top brand fans and influencers, by sharing exclusive content and keeping up more direct communication with them.

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Authentic LGBTQ+ marketing: Mastercard, Virgin Atlantic, Foundation Émergence, Lloyds

World Pride Month is over. As is the apparent investment many advertisers purport to have in the LGBTQ+ community – until next year of course 🙃.

As a company that believes in equality, LGBTQ+ rights and fair representation you should show your support publicly, entering in a discourse that encourages those groups whilst urging others to do the same. But at what point does showing support become jumping on a marketing bandwagon? If your organisation isn’t addressing a lack of diversity or representation you certainly don’t have the right to incorporate Pride colours into your logo for a month and go about your business.

There are many brands who fall into this category but there are, however, some brands who manage to truly reflect and connect with the LGBTQ+ community with their advertising in a way that feels genuine. The Drum asked industry experts to share their thoughts on this year’s LGBTQ+ marketing heroes.

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Heineken and their data mission

Big brands come with big data. One of the world’s largest beer brands – Heineken, knows the valuable details of their consumers’ profile, but when it comes to data strategy, they’re prioritising quality over quantity.

Jonnie Cahill, the new CMO for Heineken USA talked about whether to outsource or up-skill in house, ‘’ I think you’ll see more in-sourcing, and more stuff coming into the organizations, but will it be the full-service deployment? That’s complex, and it has a multi-dimensional impact on your organization. If you’re going to begin to in-source stuff, the questions have to be, with what purpose, and what happens next?”

Heineken knows that customer feedback is faster than ever now. Social media gives such a quick and transparent view of what your customers are saying at any given time. The most important thing is ensuring people still love the product and if they don’t, like with any brand – big or small, finding out why and pivoting for the better.

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