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Facebook really is amazing at finding the right type of people for your advertising campaign, but with so many objectives to choose from it can become pretty overwhelming for the millions of advertisers out there. Here’s a guide on what these campaigns really are and what you should expect from the people who you target when you choose them:

Brand awareness: These people are not necessarily buyers or clickers, they are consumers with above-average memories, the Facebook algorithm will literally try to find you people who are good are remembering things. How do they know this? Facebook sends out frequent polls to users and collects millions of data points based on users’ interactions.

Reach: Again, these aren’t buyers either, or clickers, as a matter of fact they are the people who no one else is really bidding on, if you choose reach, the algorithm is finding the cheapest people in the mix.

Traffic: There can be a common misconception with traffic, sure traffic is good for your website, but you want that traffic to be quality. The traffic objective will find the people who don’t always buy, but they like to click on things, they are window shoppers, they will need more nurturing and following up on.

Video views: These people love to watch a video, simple. They are patient and will likely complete a high percentage of a video, that’s it. These people can be extremely valuable later on once you introduce your brand to them.

Conversions: When you choose conversions, you are really scoping in on the people who will do what you ask them to do, i.e. purchase. There is less of them and a lot of advertisers want to reach them, which means they will eat through your advert spend quicker!

Engagement: We can’t forget about engagement, these are the noisy people who will freely speak their mind, they will click the emoji reactions and share with your friends, they could be your best friend or even your worst enemy.