A tagline/advertising slogan/mission statement is an integral part of a brand and is implemented to reinforce the key aspects of the product or service offering. They can be utilised to generate publicity and unify a company’s marketing strategy. Most corporate advertising slogans are concise, memorable phrases, more often than not between 3 and 5 words. These slogans adopt different tones and often unify diverse corporate advertising materials across different mediums.

Some advertising slogans are designed for a specific, limited-time campaign to advertise the product or service; others are intended as long-term corporate brand slogans that become engrained and inexplicably linked with the brand. Some retain their influence even after general use is discontinued. If an advertising campaign enters into the public vernacular, word-of-mouth communication may increase consumer awareness of the product or service, and extend the campaign’s lifespan.

Advertising campaigns that associate emotional response or evoke recollections of past memories increase their likelihood to be adopted by the general public and shared. If the slogan is adopted, it can have a notable influence in everyday social interaction. Slogans can serve as connection points between individuals, further increasing the brand or even play a part in the interplay between rival brands. Take Mcdonalds McCafé range for example, which unapologetically and rather regularly fires shots at other well known high-street coffee chains.

A marketing slogan, especially with the dominance of social media and the use of hashtags, can elevate or break a brand and their campaign (does anyone need reminding of #susanalbumparty?).