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Eight. What a wonderful number. In China it signifies prosperity. It’s a number that embodies a sense of infinite possibility. It’s the number of planets we have in our solar system (since 2006), the number of steps on the path to enlightenment and, as we all know, the number of pinches that make up a teaspoon. As we said – a monumental number.

I know what you’re thinking, “why, oh why, do they love the number 8 so much?”  The reason we’re waxing lyrical about this glorious digit is that we at Brilliant Agency are currently celebrating our 8th Birthday! We know, save your compliments… we seem so youthful etc. etc. but we’ve been about for a fair while, now!

We’ve gone from our founder and creative director, Laurra, consulting and training businesses on how to navigate the new and fluctuating world of Twitter (read her blog on how we got started here) to become a full-service creative agency that offers super effective marketing communications, digital advertising, graphic design, print and all the rest across a number of industries.

You can tell we’ve come a long way purely by the change in branding and also how we spend our Christmas parties (two universally-recognised measures of a business’s success).

Head over to our team page to see some suitably embarrassing photos of the Brilliant team aged 8 and find out what everyone dreamed of being. Click on the photos to see!

(Laurra, circa 2012, holding a giant luggage tag)

We’ve gone from this:

To THIS #BigBirthdayNewBrand, have a look around the site or on our Instagram to see more.

It’s been a wild ride, and here’s to a future filled with prosperity, to the infinite possibility of our super-creative motley crew of marketing and design experts, The Brilliant team!