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Sometimes small things can make make a big difference. Especially when small people are involved.

Since we were advised to stay at home officially by the Prime Minister on the 25th March 2020, the majority of us have dutifully done so. Those who aren’t key workers have found themselves at home with children big and small all day.

With the prospect of working from home, becoming a teacher or both, having little people(s) to educate and entertain is an exhausting task the majority of parents are now finding themselves in.

Creativity lives within us all and in challenging times it can be a release and even a form of self-care.

I’ve run a few Tiny Art, Google Hangout, workshops with children from the Brilliant team and beyond. The key thing I’ve seen in the short time I’ve been drawing houses, folding fans and making paper noisemakers for the NHS collective clap, is that the will is always there to have a go. It’s not about being particularly good at art or the best drawer but using your hands and imagination. Maybe even allowing yourself to and encourage someone else to have a bit of fun.

A new routine can be hard to build and even harder to stick to but some free-thinking, pencil wielding, paper folding, sticky taping can be just the release we all need, big and small. 

*’Scientist Zorana Ivcevic Pringle found that people who engaged in everyday forms of creativity such as taking photographs, making a collage, or publishing in a literary magazine tended to be more open-minded, curious, positive, energetic, and motivated by their activity. The forms of everyday creativity also led to increased feelings of wellbeing and personal satisfaction compared to fellow classmates who were less engaged in everyday creative activities.’

At a time when we are the masters of our schedules more than ever don’t forget just how much a 10-minute scribble, trying painting for the first time or some good old fashioned play-dough sculpting, can make even the most monotonous of days that bit better. Take time to try something new, you’ll even be surprised what you have already you can use, queue tutorial on toilet roll tube binoculars.

We’re staying inside but we can let our imaginations take us somewhere far away, even if it’s just for a moment.

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