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So, with the nation now working from home, I’m faced with balancing full-time work and full-time childcare for one extremely active and insatiably hungry child. We’ve established a couple of weeks with absolutely no routine in place except meal times, but we’ve made it work.

For parents finding themselves in this position, a world of opportunities has suddenly opened itself up, from teachers doing e-learning courses to aid with home-schooling to brands (and close friends) offering art classes and storytimes too.

There’s also celebs like Joe Wicks holding live #StayInWorkOut PE Classes every weekday morning on his YouTube channel and Annabel Karmel who is hosting her first live cook-along #CookwithAK on Instagram, showcasing some quick and easy recipes using cupboard ingredients. The sense of everyone coming together brings a strong sense of community.


There’s an enormous number of resources we can tap into to keep the children entertained that can be deemed somewhat educational.

My top tips for juggling work and looking after your

  1. Give yourself a bit more time to accomplish your work goals – with a child in tow, everything takes a bit longer as their needs come before yours.
  2. Utilise technology – in this day and age, there are all sorts of useful things to enable us to keep in touch with our friends, from Google Hangouts to Houseparty to allow your kids still see their friends.
  3. Remember to meal prep – it’s just another weight off your mind and with some good prep and leftovers, it will keep everyone fed and happy.
  4. Accept help – if you’ve got any creative friends or colleagues that could entertain your kids even for half an hour via something online, take it! You need to take the time for yourself otherwise it can be pretty full-on!

We’ve also found that by having our children close by we can create some nice creative content so thanks to Bear and Marla for being fab models for us!