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In a recent Brilliant Debrief, I discussed a low/no alcohol autumn trend that’s circulating the UK at high speed. As we work with clients whose brands fall into the soft drink category, it’s vital we keep up to date with these current trends, as those consumers looking for no/low alcohol beverages are our client’s target audience. Rather than a low alcohol replacement, they might fancy themselves a refreshing soda! (Luckily, we’ve got just the thing).

The Grocer takes a browse at low to no alcohol options as this sector continues to storm the shelves and boom in popularity. Anywhere from Everleafs new non-alcoholic bittersweet aperitif, Hop & Hemp’s CBD infused non-alcoholic craft beers to Zag’s low calorie, non-alcoholic beer.

Basically, you can say goodbye to the days of settling for a simple lime and lemonade or flavoured tonic as your alcoholic alternative. There’s now an extremely full, competitive range to choose from, depending on what you’re feeling that evening! Fancy the taste of craft beer without the morning headache? Not a problem – there’s multiple!

This gap in the market has always been there but with little choice between fairly low-quality products. Now there are brands servicing this niche and concerns over health and well-being grow the time is now for getting our clients’ brand in front of this audience… and fast!

One of our clients; Soda Folk, is a perfect alternative for the majority of this audience, bringing their unique style and bold, American flavours – they’re far from just another soft drink brand.

When planning this months’ content for Soda Folk’s social, we used these insights to take to our creative planning sessions, so that we could incorporate posts that market Soda Folk as a non-alcoholic alternative. We also ensured the correct audiences were being marketed to using Facebook Ads Manager, so we could target a more specific pool of people with this messaging.

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