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Supermarkets want a ‘pizza’ the takeaway action…

With the takeaway market feeding such a large portion of the UK’s population, it’s no surprise that the supermarkets are feeling a little jealous of these guys getting all the action. 

Between work and keeping up elaborate social lives, the time and desire to cook is getting less and less. With the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo and other mobile takeaway services, it’s now easier than ever to jump on to your phone, select what you fancy and have your food ready and served in a short amount of time – it almost makes the thought of wandering around a food shop seem hard work! 

Insights from a study this year show that the takeaway market has grown by 23%, since 2015 [Retail Economics 2019], and with more and more variety on offer, it can only grow more, surely? This year, we’ve seen Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda team up with Deliveroo and Just Eat to put their hot food selection on the market. Consumers are now used to ordering their food online, not just for ease but because it’s what they fancy there and then.

I think we can all agree that it’s about to get pretty interesting as more and more people choose ease and convenience over planning and buying in bulk.  

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Spotify wraps up the decade perfectly

The annual Spotify Wrapped has become more than a hotly anticipated end-of-year musical retrospective. It’s an early Christmas present for music nuts the world over.

Each year Spotify up the ante introducing newer, evermore personalised insights into people’s listening habits. As the end of 2019 marks the end of the decade, Spotify’s team really cranked it up this year. Rather than the usual year-long insights, Spotify looked into the musical trends and cultural moments of the entire ‘noughteens’ (if you want to call them that).

Alongside personalised playlists and a stat-filled mini-film for each user, Spotify launched a huge ad campaign that captured meme-worthy memories of the past decade with the genius we’ve come to love and expect. The ad campaign runs across OOH, digital, social and TV all over the globe.

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Black Friday, but make it meaningful…

Black Friday is one of the busiest times of the year for retailers. Ads, ads and more ads. It can be difficult for brands to get their voice heard in amongst all of the noise.

One brand that managed to get its message across extremely well in this year’s Black Friday push is The World Wildlife Fund.


They cleverly tapped into the Black Friday trend by publishing this carousel post. The first frame seemingly shows a black handbag in a Black Friday sale. However, the second frame quickly does a U-turn showing a panda with the copy “Limited Stock” and then goes on to say, “less than 1,900 left” and encourages the audience to adopt an animal this holiday season.

WWF successfully use Black Friday- a day typically for consumerism and sales – to encourage Instagram users to spend their money in a more meaningful way. This is how to do Black Friday – but make it meaningful.

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