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Following our win of the Baker Street account, we’ve been busy creating some conversational, witty and thoughtful content for them.

Baker Street is your reliable, convenient and cleverly packed bakery brand, producing great tasting bread, teacakes, waffles, sponges, flans and more. They ensure all their unique recipes are combined with a clean, smart packaging process to keep them delicious for longer.

Their range is always there when you need it – whether it’s surprise visits from relatives, when that hunger takes over in the middle of the night or those last-minute lunchboxes you need to pull together on a morning.

Baker Street recognise that in the UK food waste is a huge problem and they wanted to help combat the issue. A little fact for you all: Bread is top of the list for most wasted household food item in the UK. As a nation, we waste nearly 24 million slices every day.

With more and more of us becoming more conscious of our environmental impact, it’s great to see Baker Street addressing food waste head-on. On their channels we talk to No slice left behind and their innovative packaging that keeps bread fresher for longer resulting in less waste and in turn makes Baker Street is a more cost-effective purchase.

Something I’ve particularly enjoyed in the short time we’ve been working with them, is producing some great interactive content, one of my favourites that was a huge hit was the Toast Grader competition. Showcasing a practical crib sheet, it was interesting to hear how everyone takes their toast!  What’s yours?

For bread puns, great comps and moreish bakery photos give Baker Street a cheeky follow on Facebook and Instagram. 😉