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We were asked by our client Mighty Pea to come up with a concept for an out-of-home campaign and together we developed and designed three strong slogans.

The challenge: how do you get people to give Pea a try if they’ve never heard of it before? 

The answer: 

Because really there is nothing weirder than 2020.   

We took preconceptions of made from peas (yellow split peas not the green ones) as being weird and helped consumers put it all into perspective. Because let’s face it, after last year our judgement of what’s weird and what isn’t has changed massively.

As Mighty Pea began to flex their alternate based muscles in the direction of another plant – Oat it was time to rethink their brand strapline, after all – this was no longer about just Pea it was about to get a whole lot Mightier. So we thought, what better line to encapsulate a plant-based with loads more nutritional and sustainability creds than most others – Plant at its Mightiest. 

We also got to create some localised messaging for their home town of Leeds… if you didn’t know Leeds United had an amazing surprise last year when (after 16 years) they finally made it back into the premiership… this Billboard is right outside the Elland Road stadium.   

“We wanted to do something that would have impact and challenge perceptions of drinking milk made from yellow split peas. As we’ve just launched our Oat and Pea M.lks into Tesco it was important to create a compelling reason for people to give Mighty a try. We chose three strong statements that we worked on with Brilliant: ‘Plant at its Mightiest, Better than the Udder Ones and Pea, Not as weird as 2020, promise.’ And, as we also wanted to create some really localised messaging for our home city, Leeds so we’ve done a nod to Elland Road too.”  

Tom Watkins, Mighty Co-founder 

Great to see this campaign splashed up on some billboards and digital 6 sheets so the UK can finally see just how Mighty plant can be!