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Our client Indie Bay snacks help make snacking healthier and happier. Using only natural ingredients to make their pretzel bites, they’re a source of protein, fibre and satisfaction that are almost too-moreish for a healthy snack (we’ve certainly enjoyed more than a few in the office)!

Indie Bay’s packaging really reflects what those little round pretzel bites are all about too; with vibrant yet sophisticated colours, that paint the scene of wild natural vistas such as mountains and forests.

Dotted around the packaging are the Indies, people living out their best lives in these fantasy environments. These little guys can be spotted canoeing, camping, rock climbing and even surfing. Their go-getter lifestyles in the great outdoors are what we all want a small slice of, and it’s what a pack of Indie Bay eaten on our lunch break can give us a taste of for less than 100 calories.

Indie Bay’s Instagram profile is where the brand really comes to life. The packaging and upbeat-ethos come together and make result in some really fun and quirky pieces of motion graphics and animation. Like the packaging and snacks themselves, they’re simple and emphasise the fun in gathering around a share-bag or even having a nibble at your desk for a quick break.

The typeface of Indie bay is down-to-earth and totally approachable, making it a joy to animate in as many creative ways as possible.  The text has been revealed in the past by dynamic Mexican-wave type transitions, exploded from cannons shooting pretzel bites, and even revealed by giant pretzel bite rolling onto the screen. These type animations really set the scene for the environments on the packaging to come to life, with waves crashing, trees shaking and snow-capped mountains coming into view.

The environments aren’t always wild either; using the colour palettes of the packaging, we’ve illustrated some London streets to house an Indie Bay “Snaxi” rolling up to the Taste of London Festival and a golf course was created with a cheeky seagull getting a hole-in-one using an expertly-aimed pretzel bite.

Indie Bay is all about getting people to think outside the box when it comes to snacking, by offering what’s actually a really simple and light-hearted approach without the meal-preps, charcoal infusions or even activated almonds. It’s this philosophy that trickles down into designing their content and having a ‘ball’ (no pun intended!) whilst doing it, too!