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Back in October, we were approached by new Leeds based plant brand Mighty Pea, to take over their marketing services – covering both digital and offline.


With our food and drink expertise, we were more than prepared to get straight on the task of relaunching their brand, help drive consumer and trade awareness and disrupt the alternative milk market to make an impact!

Mighty Pea already had an established following, and with a brand-new identity to launch, there was a lot to be shouting about.  Alongside this, they also had a crowdfunding campaign, and with Brilliant’s help to drive this forward via their social media channels, they subsequently smashed their target within less than a week. It was only onwards and upwards for the alternative milk with the unique US-Pea.

With a solid product offering in the market already, Mighty Pea set their sights on
launching their new on-the-go 330ml range, with three tasty flavours.


Covering their social platforms, advertising, motion graphics and all supporting campaign work, we helped to deliver a solid brand and product launch!


Launching into the alternative milk market with presence, the introductory campaign was a true reflection of the brand itself; Mighty messaging and punchy graphics that were also playful in the delivery. ‘Hello, is it Pea you’re looking for?’ was the campaign line to help drive intrigue and pull consumers in.

The bright colour palette, the iconography and bold typographic elements ensured the messaging was received loud and clear as well as helping the product stand out on the, otherwise muted, alternative milk shelf.


As a multipurpose delivery, not only have we created new assets to sit alongside the
core brand messaging, claims and benefits, but we also set to task to produce a
full brand story piece of motion, bespoke branded gift boxes and high-quality
pieces of merchandise.

From something as small as a split pea to making a mighty statement with more to come in 2020.

So, what are you waiting for, take a chance on Pea!