At Brilliant, we like to convey authentic cooking in our food photography that is also achievable in the consumers’ kitchen. We want the viewer to take inspiration from our photography and think to themselves ‘wow, that looks incredible, I need to make that and… I CAN!’. Here are your next, and honest, food styling tips that really help to heighten the look of any dish.

4. When looking at colour and what tones to incorporate into the shot, always start with the actual food itself. What is the predominant colour in the dish? Does it need juxtaposition from a colourful tablecloth or napkin or is the dish vibrant enough to stand out alone? If the main component of the dish is green, it’s best not to plate it onto something that is also green. This may seem like a simple tip but it’s for a very simple reason, the background will detract from the food, and the main star here is the recipe itself – c’mon, we need to let it shine! If the finished plate is a little unidentifiable with dishes like curries or stews, we can show the ingredients of the dish around the framed shot, such as vegetables and spices.

5. Experiment with different background surfaces! Greaseproof paper photographs really well and gives an instant touch of authentic home cooking. Wooden boards, different textures of papers and ever rusted metal surfaces can photograph beautifully and offer up an interesting contrast to the food and tableware.

6. With our food photography, we try and keep it real. We’re not afraid of a little mess – the main thing about the styling of food is that we want it to look as tempting and realistic as we possibly can. These small ‘mistakes’ are tricks that are in actual fact really quite difficult to force and make look natural. So when we’ve given a Moroccan tagine a final stir, before photographing, we’ll leave the saucy spoon to the side of the shot. We aren’t trying to create a restaurant standard presentation, we want to portray achievable recipes in the comfort of the customers’ homes.

See you next month for Part 3! 😉