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Food is the foundation of all Chinese New Year festivities and as the renowned inventors of oyster sauce, it’s important Lee Kum Kee are always a key ingredient!

So to further establish a connection between brand and occasion, Lee Kum Kee asked us to deliver an original campaign, centred around one compelling image…

Under the tagline ‘A Celebration in Every Sense’, we delivered a bold and colourful key visual for Lee Kum Kee’s 2022 campaign, weaving in the sights, sounds and smells that their products inspire.

All starting from a drop of oyster sauce, this expansive image incorporates authentic Chinese New Year traditions, an exploration of the five senses and a Year of The Tiger mascot – a theme that sits across all points of sale, advertising and social content.

The key visual was designed by us and brought to life by illustrator Freddie Denton to educate audiences on traditional foods, activities and the meanings behind classic dishes, further supported by educational recipe videos.

Using a ‘Saturday Kitchen’ format, we directed TV chef Jeremy Pang and author and influencer, Pippa Middlehurst in a series of cook-a-long videos exploring the 8 cuisines of China, inspiring audiences across social media and YouTube.

The campaign also features an interactive game, which asks players to find hidden red envelopes for a chance to win some great prizes!  

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