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As we enter a year where ‘counter consumerism’ is becoming more prevalent, with consumers becoming even more sustainably savvy and plastic privy than before, what does this mean for agencies working with food brands going forwards in 2020?

Whilst being more considerate to the environment, consumers are also taking a thought and tightening their purses when it comes to their own consumption and the brands they choose. As people’s life choices become more considered and less habitual, brands need to respond to this by being able to innovate more frequently to fit within the changing consumer landscape.

Being at the forefront of the brands we work with means we can shout about their benefits and positive impacts they have not only within industry but society, as the lines blur between what’s good for the consumer versus the planet.

Our client Baker Street bread promotes lines which have addressed the desire to have products with benefits. With multiple items being multi seed and containing rye, Baker Street has identified the health interest in the bread market. Whilst also developing it’s ‘clever packaging’, product can retain freshness for a lot longer, helping to reducing waste.

New brand Mighty Pea is a perfect example of a breakthrough product of 2020, off the back of the vegan movement and the ever-growing plant-based food trend. Their split pea dairy milk alternative is fast becoming a favourite in the market. Not only for the taste, but for its sustainability transparency. In comparison to its plant-based counterparts, split peas use a lot less water to farm than almonds and produces a lot less methane than cows!

One of our beverage clients, Silver Bay Point have managed to fit within the millennial landscape with their historic USP’s. Their wine is low alcohol whilst also being suitable for vegans, something of which is now poignant in food retail today. 

At Brilliant, we are lucky enough to work with brands such as Baker Street, Mighty Pea and Silver Bay Point that are agile enough to respond to the different demands of today’s conscientious consumer. We always strive to push the boundaries in order to be more adventurous with their social content and marketing strategy to keep relevant and engaging.

Here’s to an exciting and challenging 2020, with our current clients and prospective new ones!