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In the world of marketing, April Fool’s Day is officially the funniest day of the year and the perfect opportunity for brands to catch the eye of consumers and raise a few smiles with some truly baffling content.  

It therefore has a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Brilliant, as there’s nothing funnier than tripping up the internet with a tongue-in-cheek announcement. 

Despite the silly mood in the air though, it’s not something to be taken lightly, as with the right gag brands can quickly drive social engagement and consumer appeal through the roof! 

Unsurprisingly then, today’s timelines stand to be flooded with eyebrow-raising material and jaw-dropping posts from thousands of brands, all looking to be crowned social media’s favourite court jester for the day.  

Luckily for us, we’re no strangers to the odd wisecrack or two and so we’ve absolutely revelled in brainstorming up some barmy new product releases for all our clients.  

Alas, none of these jaw-droppers will be hitting the shelves anytime soon, but for one day only, they stand to be the talk of Twitter, Instagram and beyond!

Port Royal Patties

We all know that hot humid weather can kick up a serious funk in your vehicle, but boring forest flavours just won’t cut it when it comes to stirring up and serenading those summer senses!  

The solution? Some Port Royal Patty air fresheners of course! 

Say goodbye to old car stank and get a whiff of the spices and sunshine that make every patty a party for your proboscis!

St Pierre

Let’s be fair here, if you’re partial to a morning croissant or two, it’s not unusual to be sporting a full face of pastry crumbs on the regular. 

However, there’s no need to be embarrassed, as we want St Pierre scoffers to wear their brioche badges with pride! 

Now you can cover up your crumby mouth corners and pie off the pandemic with a pastry patterned face covering, plus keep your hands sanitised and sweet with some brioche-based hand gel! 

Choux-based chic has never looked so good!  

Baker Street

Baker Street are the toast of the sliced bread scene and so smothering their goods in jam or peanut butter could almost be considered an insult to their naturally great flavour. 

The only way to truly enhance it…  

Add more bread.  

With edible Baker Street bread spread, loaf addicts can now double up on their daily doses in a bloomin’ marvellous marriage designed to cram even more bread flavour into every bite.  

The toast topping game will never be the same.

Very Lazy

For the most efficient post-workout gains, it’s crucial you cram in every gram of protein you can.  

This means simple snacks with your muscles in mind are a favourite amongst gym bashers, with Bounce Protein Balls being top of the list. 

At Very Lazy, this ethos of speedy grub that compliments your diet is a shared one and so they and Bounce have come together to bring the collaboration no one saw coming. 

Packing a powerful protein punch, these Very Lazy Bounce Protein Balls promise to make you a firm member of the bad breath club with their intense garlic centre. 

Gains just got garlicy. 

Saint Agur

On any other day, a slice of Saint Agur is no laughing matter, as every slither of their luxurious artisan blue demands your respect and devotion.

With their heavenly taste, it’s only fitting that their new release looks like some kind of divine intervention – your very own name miraculously appearing within their celestial blue veins.

Utilising a groundbreaking new technique, Saint Agur’s Bespoke Cheese can feature any name of up to ten characters, meaning it’s great news for nearly every blue cheese disciple!

Mighty Pea

Mighty Pea has been delighting dairy dodgers ever since its release and now they’re out to show sceptics that pea-based products are everyone’s cup of tea…  


Introducing Mighty Tea – 100% organic tea leaves with added Mighty Pea all in one bag – dunk, brew and off you go!

Binghams Potted Beef

The mint-flavoured mastication market has dominated for far too long and so we think it’s time things got freshened up for real. 

And what better way to do it than with an alternate meaty treat you can really sink your teeth into? 

With Bingham’s Beef Chewing Gum, beef for your teeth is ready to take the gum game by storm and make beefy breath the new norm!