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Snapchat’s new, hassle-free advertising product

Snapchat is looking to muscle in on direct to consumer brands with a tasty new advertising feature called Dynamic Ads.

The new ads feature offers an incredibly easy route for brands to advertise their products on the platform. They’ll be able to create ads by simply integrating their product catalogue into Snapchat’s ads platform. Snapchat will then do all the heavy lifting as their system builds the ads itself in real-time. If the product availability or price changes so will the Dynamic Ad. Snapchat will match the product to the consumer based on previous website browsing behaviour.

It’s a strong move from Snapchat which is certainly lagging behind the likes of Facebook and Instagram in this department. The ease at which these Dynamic Ads can be implemented seems to be a no-brainer for eCommerce brands even if they’ve not considered advertising on Snapchat before.
The only question is: does their platform offer an attractive audience to advertise to? If yes, Dynamic Ads seem to be a home-run.

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Domino’s and Google get creative with influencer box campaign

Is it a sign of the times that tech companies’ new features seem to imply we’re all lazy, binge-eating slobs too busy stuffing our faces to bother using our devices properly, whilst obviously too dependent on said devices to suffer putting them down to eat? 🤷‍♂️

Though this hypothesis may well be a little on the nose, it seems to be the undertone for Google’s latest influencer campaign in collaboration with Domino’s pizza. The 50 selected influencers were sent out large greasy pizzas that included a ‘Premium Topping’ in the form of the new Google Pixel 4. The new phone features a host of hands-free features, from complex voice commands to facial recognition unlocking etc. etc. The crux of the collab with Domino’s was to prove to the masses that these features are so advanced you can use them whilst chowing down on greasy as pizza.

Whether or not you’re worried that big brands are all too quick to treat us like the slobs we are, it’s a creative influencer campaign that at the very least aims to highlight new features in a more creative way. And who could possibly say no to a free pizza with their gifted phone? So, yeah… fair enough, really.

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Jennifer Aniston wins Instagram with a single photo

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram on Tuesday and broke a world record. She reached one million followers in just five hours and sixteen minutes. The previous record holders, Prince H and Megsy Markle, got to the one million mark in a leisurely five hours and forty-five minutes… amateurs.

You’ve more than likely seen the photo that had the world following Jen’s Insta account with record-breaking speed, but if not, we’re here for you.

By all accounts, it’s a terrible selfie. We’d be fuming if we were Lisa Kudrow. And considering Ms Aniston can likely afford a smartphone with groundbreaking selfie technology it’s a really poor effort.

But perhaps that’s what makes it so good. On the one hand, it’s bust open the rumours for that LONG-awaited reunion we’ve all wanted. The photo itself also seems to represent each actor in a way that mirrors their character from the beloved show: Phoebe just out of shot as if she wasn’t paying attention, Rachel looking unfathomably good at the centre of attention, Chandler goofing, Ross and Monica being cute siblings and a smouldering Joey up the back. Short and sweet copy, with a little bit of word-play. Is it genius? Or are we reading into this a little too much?

Yeah, she’s just mega-famous isn’t she? Probably that.

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