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E.ON believes brands ‘must have an opinion’ as it launches campaign to tackle pollution

E.ON’s latest campaign sees the brand take up the battle against air pollution, with the Marketing department declaring that in order to survive, it must have an opinion. The energy giant is on a mission to engage with their customers on the urgent topic of climate change. They recognise this is an issue that massively impacts people worldwide and that, as everyone has formed their own opinions already, they as a brand have to have an opinion, too. So far, so sensible! But does having an opinion from a Marketing messaging point of view really ring true with every brand and their chosen purpose?

As brands having a purpose beyond profit becomes more on-trend, we need to question the motives of these brands more and more. Is the purpose they’re touting actually rooted in their core values, or is it a Marketing campaign disguised in “Purpose-led” clothing? Consumers are smarter than many brands give them credit for, so either way, they’ll probably let you know.

Get the full scoop via Marketing Week.

Spotify target Gen X with latest loveable outdoor ad campaign

Spotify’s latest campaign has got music fans chatting, chuckling and copping wry smiles up and down the country. The new ‘Listen Like You Used To’ campaign features a set of billboards making funnies with tongue-in-cheek descriptions of Gen Xers’ lives compared to the good old teenage days. The ultra-lean copy style is eye-catching, relatable, instils nostalgia and entertains all whilst simultaneously encouraging this demographic to use the Spotify services. Tip o’ the cap to those copywriters – you can’t ask for much more than that.

Find out more at The Drum.

Facebook introducing AR Ads

Facebook announce they are bolstering their portfolio of available ad formats with ‘playable and augmented reality ads.’ These ads will let users interact with brands through their smartphone camera.

It will enable fashion companies to really connect with their customers through the platform, including features such as letting customers try on their products through their phone. Time will tell on the uptake of these products by advertisers but anything that may increase engagement is a worthwhile punt!

Read all about it on The Drum.


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