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It’s been a while… if you began reading this expecting tips on how to use reels to fuel your growth or why you should be making more use of that UGC, then I’m sorry to disappoint. You will however find them here and here. 

My last blog for Brilliant was sometime in the early Summer of 2018. I’d wanted to see what life was like on the other side of the curtain and accepted a position to work client side, but very soon returned to the call of the wild. 

This first blog (in what I plan to be a series) will be about my journey as the new Head of Social – successes, failures, stumbles, learnings, musings. Anything is game really.

I wanted to start with a simple hello and lay out some goals…

  1. Resting on your laurels

Starting back at Brilliant was really nostalgic. The team and business as a whole has changed a great deal since I left, yet on my first day it all felt strangely familiar, the same buzz, many new faces and Rosso* the great big red elephant still roaming the halls. I’m very fortunate that Mike and Laura approached me about coming back after all this time, that really meant a lot.

But I’m not the same person I was when I left, same work ethic, same enthusiasm to brilliant content and ideas but with a much more commercially minded focus. I can’t/won’t rest on those laurels and so my first priority (after settling in) is to push myself, the team and our clients to go for it.

2. Consistently Consistent

There’s always pressure in any marketing role – more likes, more followers, more sales. You’re only as good as your best performing post, but in a world where gratification is instant and blue ticks are a status symbol it’s quite easy to forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day and other such cliches. Stay the course, be consistent and we’ll get to where we want to be

Which segues nicely into point 3. 

3. Try again. Fail again. Fail better  

We’re not always going to get it right, how could we but what we do do is go into every brief with a solution we believe has the highest chance of success based on data and insights, understanding of our consumers and sheer creative force. That won’t ever change.

4. Fun

We’re going to have fun. This is a job where it’s pretty much a guarantee. Sure, sometimes it can be stressful but you’re getting to be creative…daily. What could be better?

But first things first… let’s put the kettle on!