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I have recently started the Marketing Week Mini MBA in Marketing led by Professor Mark Ritson – columnist for Marketing Week and consultant to some of the biggest Global Brands on the market. I was approached by our Managing Director about the opportunity and jumped at the chance.



It’s a CPD accredited, MBA standard course covering the same core marketing modules as leading MBA programmes over 12 online lessons. The course is suitable for people at various stages in their careers, from Managers up to ‘Heads of’ and Directors. It’s an opportunity to broaden skills, gain more knowledge on marketing strategies, and get high-level strategic lessons from seasoned pro and world-leading marketing consultant Mark Ritson himself. Somewhat of a celeb in the world of Marketing.

It’s a really exciting development opportunity for me, but it’s also a great opportunity for Brilliant. They’re investing in their team to bring new knowledge and skills into the business. This will benefit our clients, advance our strategic output and provide an opportunity for the whole team to learn and improve.

And the results speak for themselves! They’ve had some pretty awesome testimonials from high-profile alumni:


“It’s hard to find such content anywhere else. I enjoyed every single moment with Mark Ritson sessions. the structure of the Mini MBA, the content, the cases, reading, way of thinking, way of presenting… nothing wrong! It’s worth every single penny spent!”

Chief Operating Officer | Domino’s


“Time and money well spent! Mark has a highly engaging and personable teaching style. The course content helped demystify industry “speak” and got to the heart of why marketing is a driver for sustainable growth. The course was challenging, fun and extremely practical”

Head Of Partnerships | 20th Century Fox


And my personal favourite…

At the end of the six-week course, I’ll be distilling my key learnings into the most amazing and informative marketing blog you’ll ever read!

… That’s the aim anyway. Watch this space!