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Holly Judge

February 19, 2020

Brand Values of 2020

As we enter a year where ‘counter consumerism’ is becoming more prevalent, with consumers becoming even more sustainably savvy and plastic privy than before, what does this mean for agencies working with food brands going forwards in 2020? Whilst being…
October 17, 2019

Understanding Facebook Attribution

Don't be too quick to turn off your Facebook ad-sets! Your eCommerce store could be leaving money on the table by not using the attribution window to its fullest. Let me explain... Buyers purchasing behaviour online can complex and fragmented.…
May 2, 2019

Facebook announces new features

Facebook’s annual F8 conference brought about several proposed changes to the social media app’s interface, along with the rest of its family of apps, including; WhatsApp, Instagram and messenger. What’s on the horizon? Instagram’s trying to tackle the fight with…
October 22, 2018

Where did my smartphone go?

A smartphone’s main component is the SoC, or ‘Systems on Chip’. It is the chip that houses the phone's modem, video and display processors, CPU, GPU and is essentially what makes a smartphone so smart. The chips have been getting…
September 21, 2018

What is Article 13 and why should I care?

You won’t find much mainstream coverage on Europe’s controversial ‘meme ban’ and getting your head around it might take until Christmas, but perhaps it’s this lack of transparency that allowed this legislation to get passed, despite MEPs initially voting against…
July 9, 2018

Indie Bay in motion

    Our client Indie Bay snacks help make snacking healthier and happier. Using only natural ingredients to make their pretzel bites, they’re a source of protein, fibre and satisfaction that are almost too-moreish for a healthy snack (we’ve certainly…